Established in 1987, KiSKA Construction Inc., is an affiliate of Kiska Group of Companies that have been in heavy construction business since 1966.  During late 1980s and early 1990s, KiSKA has completed several small size NYSDOT projects predominantly in Region 10. Later on, KiSKA has undertaken major tunneling projects totaling more than $150 million in Washington, D.C. and successfully completed them by late 1990s. In 2001, KiSKA was awarded its biggest contract for the Replacement of The Third Ave. Bridge over The Harlem River. This NYCDOT project totaling $128 million was completed in 2006. The project was not only featured at Mega Builders show of The Discovery Channel but also received multiple awards such as AISC Merit Award in Movable Span Category and New York Construction Best Bridge Project Award.


Along with its work on other landmark structures, in 2006 KiSKA was awarded the first phase of worldwide known High Line Project in New York City. The following year KiSKA was also awarded the next two phases and reached a total contract value of $80 million at this signature project. The First section of the High Line was opened to the public by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on June 2009. This elevated park is one of New York City’s landmarks. Every year it hosts millions of visitors along with multitude of public and private events. It is also one of the favorite locations of the vibrant NYC filming industry.


From 2009 until today, KiSKA was awarded several challenging rehabilitation contracts on historically important and aesthetically notable bridges such as Pulaski Skyway, Robert Moses Causeway and Marine Parkway. We pride ourselves with our ingenious staff and outstanding accomplishments and always seek for improvement in conducting our business.